Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hola Familia!! 

So they have extended this transfer until the 21st of March.... I know you're all going to die waiting ha ha and so am I. For all of the Latinos they have extended their MTC stay to 3 weeks instead of 2. 

But don't worry, this way I'll be able to go to the baptism in the river in Chenalo the 19th of March. I've also heard around that you have to wait around in the mission home about 3 or 4 days to get home... don't ask me why- I think I'm going to visit my other areas and say goodbye and probably play a lot of violin with Hermana George. They still haven't told me anything about plane tickets or dates. This is just what I've heard. 

On Wednesday we experienced two miracles- two miracles in ONE day!! Our zone put a goal of finding 3 people per companionship to baptize before February ends.Hermana Cuica and I fasted and prayed that day to find those who were ready. To my mind came an old investigator named Max. He's 9. We visited him 1 time when Hermana Juarez was here, about 3 months ago. In that time his parents (both members) had lots of work and they didn't support him in his decision to get baptized, they didn't have time. 

So we decided to go and see if things had changed. When we got there, his uncle opened the door (he is our mission leader x misionary) and said, "hermana's I have good news, Max is going to get baptized." And I was just like, "WHAT?" ha ha. How did he know that that is what we had come for. His parents came out and chatted us up on Max's baptism and they kind of "woke up" and realized that he was the only one in their family that wasn't baptized because they weren't working so much as they were back in November and December. WOW. Max is getting baptized this Saturday, the 27th. 

We called the Elder asking for Max's baptismal interview.

Then we went to see Eric, I am sure you will remember he is the one from the hindu shop. (The one we spent hours for painting...) I thought all the work we had done was in vain and that he wasn't going to progress right now. Actually, he has over 3 years listening to all the missionaries that have come and gone. But he has never gotten baptized. So we went and invited him to be baptized on the 27th. And he accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And again, I was just like, "WHAT?" He was like, "with one condition. If you can convince my wife that we aren't going to Ecuador to see her family until after the 27th, I will get baptized. Because we were going to go earlier than the 27th" 

That was the hard part... His wife is from Ecuador, and she has been here in Mexico for quite some years and she wants to go and visit her family (imagine it- like me :) ) So we went and asked Kristina (Eric's wife and member) if she would wait to go to Ecuador until after her husband gets baptized. When we told her that her husband wanted to get baptized she didn't believe us and said she was going to ask her husband, ha ha. She has waited quite a while for this day. What a beautiful response she gave, "I will support him with all my heart.... even though I wasn't expecting this." ha ha she has a little bit of a serious character and I was a little worried that we wouldn't convince her but I see now that she really loves her husband and for that reason she is willing to wait a few more days. 

And so we called the Elder asking for Eric's baptismal interview... ha ha the Elder laughed.


Asi es que este Sabado se van a bautizar dos almas. HURRAH FOR ISRAEL! 

I will surely send pics of the baptisms. 

We have an investigator who gave us roses, one for me and one for my companion. Well he pretty much fell in love with my companion ha ha. He came to church on Sunday, we'll send him the ward missionaries and see if he still comes to church. He's a preacher, never been married...

We also found another little family, the husband drinks a lot and the wife works with 5 kids. They hardly have anything. La hermana is named Regina, she is really humble and accepted baptism and everything. We'll see how she progresses, she speaks sental, another dialect here. 

Well, sending you all my love from Chiapas. 


Hermana Cook 

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