Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Pope visits Sancristobal

Hola familia!! 

Les amo un buen!! This week has been really quite crazy, I recieved my new companion, Hermana Cuica from the state of Mexico. I have found that I miss a lot Hermana Juarez... but we are pressing forward :) I know that Hermana Cuica is good for me!

Hermana Cuica got here on Tuesday and she gets really cold here, haha, I am sure she will adjust to the climate with time. She was in one of the hottest areas of the mission, Tonala. One hermana less-active crocheted scarves for us. This week we have been working in 2 areas because one of the missionaries went to the mission home for foot problems. The hermana that stayed in the area feels alone and has been working with members and us the whole week... I know how that feels ha ha. 

We went to see Karito, she says that she is still reading the book of mormon and saying her prayers even though the Elders haven't gotten to see her yet. It was quite an intense lesson with her parents, we started teaching the commandments and they were like, "I like this." And so Karito's mom told us why she hasn't let Karito go to church for the past few weeks, because she has a boyfriend. So her mom said okay Karito, right now, in front of us and in front of the missionaries you will tell us if you are going to drop your boyfriend. If you choose to do so, we will let you go to church. If not, no. And Karito only cried and said she didn't know. 

We said we would come back on Sunday to see how she was going with her decision. When we got there she told us that she wasn't going to come, and maybe the next week. My heart breaks but God's plan is agency. Her boyfriend supposedly already has 2 kids with another gal and he is 21. She is 14.... Aaaah NO. We have been praying and fasting that we can help her see REALITY. 

Her parents still don't belive she was telling the truth for an experience she had a while back, I will tell you all about it when I get home :) 

We are still working with the Lopez family, their two daughters are members, but their parents aren't. They come to church almost every week and want to be baptized. We talked to a judge who is a member, and she says that the divorce will take time, about 4 months. Meanwhile we can only help them press forward. Their names are Karmen and Rafael Lopez. 

We went to Chenalo again to help the Elders with an activity, they're always bugging us to help them out... ha ha :) It was pretty neat, we did a rescue activity in Pantelo where all the missionaries worked like crazy for a few hours in the rain. It's like living in a CLOUD there. My companion and I went with the President of the rama there and his wife, it was good we did because they speak pure Tzotzil there. I spoke all that I could and did the rest in spanish. One hermana accepted baptsimal date for the 19th of March (the mass baptism in the river in chenalo) and we were so happy. 

We rode in the back of a truck to get to Pantalo and Elder Reyes and Elder Flores were like, get your violin out and play!! Ha ha so I played in the back of the truck and we contacted all the tzotzil ha ha it was so cool. We got them all laughing.

This saturday elder Oaks is visiting the mission again, I will be playing the violin AGAIN h aha we'll see if he remembers me ha ha. 

The catholic pope is coming to visit Sancristobal, I am not sure if I will be able to write you guys next week, the whole city will be shut down (transportation, stores, etc) because it is the first time he visits this city. It will be a SHOW. They are expecting lots of indigenous people, 90,000 to be coming to visit. They haven't let us know if we will be able to preach that day(s) but I am sure that God will protect us. If we have a baptism in this catholic city it will be a MIRACLE. ha ha. 

I love you family,

Hermana Cook 


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