Monday, March 21, 2016

"I have never left your side, Jehovah"

Hola Familia!! 

This week has been pretty crazy, the little apartment where we are renting is really quite a dungeon, ha ha, it's full of mold, flees, a broken sink (we can't wash our dishes), all the lights have burnt out and we are TIRED of the sad old thing. Tomorrow my companion and the other hermana cook (she will be taking my place here in Sancristobal) will be moving out to another house. That will be a blessing for the two of them. We have suffered in that thing ha ha.
We found some new investigators, one of them is pentacostal, her name is Luz Maria, and WOW does she have faith! All of her life she has suffered with her husband being involved in all types of worldly things. She says she never stopped reading him the bible even though he was disinterested and appeared to be sleeping while she would read, he would suddenly be able to say a phrase or two and so she kept on reading. She said that "I never left Jehovah's side." She prayed and fasted for 26 years, and now she says her husband has made a 360 degree change. She says that in the last year, she has had the husband of her dreams because he miraculously changed and has never picked up the bottle SINCE. It's a miracle. She and her daughter accepted baptism, sadly I won't be here to see how they progress, but my companion will have to keep me up to date.

Yesterday I said goodbye to everyone in the ward, it was my companion and I's turn to speak, I enjoyed myself a lot and wished they'd given me more time ha ha, I only had 6 minutes but I think I took 15... whoops. My bus leaves for Tuxtla tomorrow at 9, and from there who knows what will be happening ha ha.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE AIRPORT SCENE ha ha. I have imagined it lots of times ha ha. 

A few days ago the hermana wasn't there to give us to eat ha ha so we sat on the curb and I was like, okay we have lots of options, roasted chicken, crunchy chicken, or roasted chicken, or more chicken. ha ha. We didn't want any more chicken they give us so much chicken so we went to the center and ate pizza. I was happy ha ha. 

The baptisms in Chenalo went off without a hitch, but we were unable to attend, because those who were getting baptized didn't have the money to travel and congregate in the river, so they all were baptized in their respective branches. The good thing is that they were baptized :) 

Well, I just want you to know that I am so happy, my joy is full and I will see you all on Thursday lets see if I can stay awake ha ha just kidding I'll be fine. 


Hermana Cook 

P.S.I thought my last email was my last email so that's why I made it so EPIC and this one just caught me off guard. 

pp.s let us never leave Jehovah's side. 

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