Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Poor in heart, rich in Spirit

Hola familia!!!

 Yesterday we had a family night with a family I LOVE, the dad just inactivated for getting offended by the second counselor in the branch presidency, and the president asked us to visit the family. 

When I saw the mom, her name is Petra in church alone I asked her if we could come have a family night in their house and she started to cry and say that her husband wouldn't let us in. But she didn't know that with the violin it was a sure ticket to getting in ha ha. I know that the hermano's favorite hymn is "mas cerca Dios de Ti" (Nearer my God to Thee). He cried when I played. 

In the end he said for now he isn't going to go to church but it was a beautiful lesson and he realized through the spirit that the only salvation he is jeopardizing is his own. His mom and daughters are suffering a lot for his choices.

Hermano Manuel came to church the second time on Sunday, but not without encouragement from us. He likes what he is learning a lot and he still waiting for his answer that this is true through a dream. He says that one week he'll come to church and one week he'll go to preach in the anexo (jail for drunks).

My companion is getting steadliy worse in health, her knees are feeling the same, the bed bugs have started to bite, and her stomach hurts. The poor girl. Even though everything is falling apart she keeps on moving on. Her dad drinks a lot and her mom is less-active from what I understand, and sometimes they don't write her on Monday's, and yet she is so positive. She is an example for me and I have come to love her. 

We found a new family to teach, they are so simple and humble, I find joy in teaching them. The hermana isn't married to her husband, but she said she is willing to come to church and keep her commitments, she accepted baptism.

The hermana that I told you guys about went to playa del carmen to look for work, it's about 12 hours from here along the coast. She left her kids here- she kept saying, "no lo hago por gusto" (I am not doing it because I want to) She is doing it so that her children will have something to eat. She cried and cried and we went over on Sunday morning to say goodbye and she recieved a priesthood blessing. May God bless her. She asked us to keep visiting her children in her absence, she thinks to be gone about 2 months. She said she didn't even have a plan of where to stay, what to eat, or where to work, but that she felt she needed to get out of here because there is no work here. She called us crying and thanked us for what we have done for her.

We have been eating with a family with very low income fo this past month, and they signed up again this month to feed us, but it is literally a sacrifice what they give us. I sometimes think that they go without eating so as to give us to eat the day that it's our turn to eat there. I know that God will bless them for their efforts. The mom, hermana Sarita says she has been able to see spirits since she was a little girl, and that she always sees and hears things in their house. That's pretty normal down here. Satan's followers bug a little bit more here than in Utah. So we also had an heramano come over to bless her house. 

She tells of dreams she has that her mom is asking her for help to get out from where she is, that she can't do it alone. We have explained to her the importance of doing her family search and the work for her loved ones, but something seems to be impeding her. She has to work (single mom) a lot and she hardly has time to breath. We have offered to help her in her search for her mom.

I love you family, these past few weeks have come to be the most fulfilling for me as a missionary, I am just ENJOYING every moment and every lesson and every person that we come in contact with. I love you and I know that God loves you. I have come to feel a little bit of what the people here feel, poor in heart, and rich in spirit. 

I will see you soon,

Hermana Cook 

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